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The key to any successful construction project is measured when the project funding is used in the most economical way to produce a facility that will be used by the owner in the fashion of which its initial goals were set-forth to accomplish for years to come.  The bidding services we provide include:

  • develop/review project budget
  • evaluate best value and value engineering
  • develop/review risk assessment
  • develop/review in-house estimates
  • develop/review phasing of projects
  • develop/review scope of work for vendors and contractors
  • prequalification of vendors and contractors
  • present bid packages to vendors and contractors
  • evaluate bids from vendors and contractors
  • develop/coordinate/execute contract documents

DMR Construction Group LLC approaches each project with a cooperative mindset; working with clients, design teams and contractors toward the common goal - successful project delivery.  Through technical skill and construction know-how we anticipate project challenges, develop solutions that meet clients' objectives and ultimately deliver highly regarded projects.  We have established the most advantageous relationships with contractors and material suppliers throughout the United States.  With a reputation for well-managed, safe, high-quality projects that are completed on time and within budget, top contractors and suppliers aggressively pursue our business; this preferential treatment translates to bottom line savings that we are able to pass onto our clients.  To reduce unnecessary cost and increase our ability to successfully manage projects, we will coordinate with qualified contractors to complete projects; our professionals, contractors and vendors will be selected from both local resourcing and through our own database.  In addition, we put great emphasis on attracting small business, veteran and service-disabled veteran-owned firms to allow them to compete in a "best-value" arena.  The bidding and award phase is very crucial in maintaining the design, budget and schedule.  By putting so much emphasis on this phase, we are able to manage the project with a clear understanding of what the client will ultimately receive...an incredible project.