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"As Project Manager, you demonstrated a high level of intelligence, flexibility, common sense and the ability to get the project completed in a timely manner, even when it required working very long days during the week and including the weekends over and above a normal work week.

Your top-notch technical ability and computer skills, including knowledge of various software packages such as QCS, MS Project scheduling, Excel and Word enabled you to solve the majority of issues in the field and other construction or administrative issues as they would arise during the period of construction. You needed little supervision as you easily handled just about any construction or technical issue that would occur in your management of the various construction projects that you were associated with under my supervision. I trusted you 100%, your integrity and honesty is beyond reproach and you always kept me informed as needed in order to keep me "up to speed" for reporting up the chain as appropriate.

You excelled in working with the "User", our local government contact, whether it was a representative of the Corp of Engineers or a representative of the government associated with the construction of projects under your responsibility. During the time that I had the pleasure of supervising you and working with you, I received numerous positive comments about your outstanding cooperation and communications with all agencies and representatives including your many subcontractors that we work with on a day to day basis, indicating total satisfaction with your ability to perform par excellence in carrying out your duties as a Project Manager. A key to our company's success is the ability to inform our customers, monitor the projects, make timely decisions and ensure all questions by our customers are timely resolved. Your outstanding skills and dedication have enabled you to perform this mission in complete success."

     GE Mulford PE
     retired Corp of Engineers
     Great Plains Regional Project Manager - John J Kirlin Special Projects MD 2012

“As a program planner and facility engineer I evaluate overall project performance and assist government quality assurance personnel and project managers when they need technical support beyond the norm. You are knowledgeable in the field; you use sound project management processes to get projects completed on time within budget and to the specifications for design. You show excellent learning ability by quickly acquiring the knowledge needed to manage and understand the requirements for the unique military construction projects. You are very cooperative when coordination is required between multiple contractors demonstrating your ability to be flexible and keep your own project on schedule. You are able to maintain perspective as unforeseen challenges arise such as out-of-scope break downs that may or may not affect your projects but have impact on the customer you're servicing.

Having also been a professor at several universities I can see you performing well in education as well as the construction environment. You have the ability to conduct thorough research quickly on issues and problems and find multiple solution alternatives rather than merely seeking a “satisficing” one. You are open-minded and can take criticism, whether constructive or not, and improve from the feedback. You're often seen in the workplace providing true on the job training and instruction of employees of numerous work levels.”
     SR Hanna PhD
     Facility Engineer - Ft Riley KS 2010

"It has been my great privilege to work with you for over five (5) years. You have been dedicated to providing a level of effort that far exceeds your physical stature. You are a person you can rely on to tackle your toughest tasks and never complain. Your wit and dry sense of humor also prove to be useful when you're faced with long stressful days. I've sent you to many less than glamourous locations to work on less than glamorous projects and have never heard a single complaint."
     G Lemons
     Vice President - Kirlin Builders LLC LA 2012

"I have worked with you for the past two years as a team member on a government contract that his company holds. As an estimator for AMI, I often work with you bidding military healthcare renovation projects. You have always provided a clear understanding of the scope of work and what is required. You're very organized and detailed oriented in the work you perform.”
     L Owens
     Vice-president - AMI Environmental NE 2010

"Having worked for you as a subcontractor on government projects, I can say from experience that you are a very capable and knowledgeable project manager. Your broad understanding of construction disciplines and your ability to plan, coordinate and manage multiple trades was a big advantage for the project I worked on with you. While you were demanding at times, you were also reasonable and professional."
     R Kyrklund
     Senior Project Manager - AMI Environmental NE 2012

“I have worked with this team on and off for three years, as we were both engaged in various construction projects at Fort Riley, Kansas. I strongly recommend them for any construction project in the future. While their technical skills are impeccable, they are also creative - a crucial attribute in design/build construction. You also embraced leadership opportunities. Once, when a problem came up from a particularly difficult subcontractor, you stepped up to head off a potential conflict and put the crew back on the correct path. These coordination efforts were the reason the project finished on time within the budget restraints.

You're also fun to be around. When deadlines loom, tension can build. But, you always knew how to add levity to the situation, cracking jokes to relieve stress and keep the crew on task. With the take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, you would be an asset to any organization. I am confident they will exceed your expectations."
     G Marlar
     QA/Facility Management - Irwin Army Community Hospital Ft Riley KS 2011

"I’ve known and worked with you for the last five (5) years on various projects at multiple locations throughout the country. During this time, we were both employed by John J. Kirlin Special Projects (JJKSP) with BMH Engineering as a wholly-owned subsidiary of JJKSP. JJKSP is a design/build contractor performing primarily medical healthcare renovation work. You served as a Project Manager for JJKSP on the construction side. During this time, your performance has always been professional and competent.

You have a good grasp of construction concepts as well as project management ability, and is also able to identify issues and communicate concepts and resolutions effectively. Although government construction work tends to be paperwork intensive, you always made sure that you spent time on site, on a daily basis, to insure that subcontractor performance was meeting contract requirements.

Your character and reputation are impeccable, and you exhibit honesty and earnestness in your dealings with others, both personally and professionally, and this recommendation is made with no reservations."
     J Hildreth
     Director - BMH Engineering MD|GA 2012

"Through my work with you, I have seen you handle difficult tasks with a firm understanding of goals determined by others to create a solution. You are enjoyable to deal with even in the struggle of difficult situations. I feel that your best attribute is your ability to take on difficult tasks with outside restraints to facilitate an acceptable completion to all parties.
     M Herberman
     Senior Estimator/Project Manager - Bellis Concrete TN 2012

"Christian is a very professional coupled with the highest integrity Project Manager that you can find. I find that his attention to detail is unsurpassed. The biggest thing that I like about Christian is that his word is gospel. If he tells you something, you can surely take it to the bank.."
     K Durbin
     Vice President - Southeast Electric TN 2013

“I have been privileged to have worked with the team over the past several years on various construction projects. The level of professionalism, integrity, knowledge and dedication he brings to each project is priceless. If you are looking for someone who is focused on getting the job done, on time, and within budget, this is the team to call on."
     R Lamport
     Sales Representative - Satellite Shelters Inc KS 2011