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owner's rep (cm)

DMR Construction Group LLC will provide the management you need for your project every step of the way.  From organizing the design team and providing due diligence services, all the way through owner move-in; we are prepared to complete the project on time, on task, and target.  The owner must move in, supply furnishings and equipment, as well as maintain all of the complex electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.  We will assist you in the entire process, providing you with our skilled management until well after the subcontractors have received their last check and moved on.  This is why you need an owner’s representative/construction manager...this is why you need DMR Construction Group LLC.

Owner’s representation/construction manager is exactly what it sounds like, an entity acting as the representative of the owner of a construction project that assists in the management; however, the duties of an owner’s representative/construction manager are not quite so simply stated.  Generally, the owner of a project is mostly interested in the final product of construction and insuring their investment in the project are realized and returned.  However, most owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with specialty contractors and the construction of their project, as construction is typically not part of their daily lives.  This creates the crucial need for a skilled construction management professional that is able to protect the interests of the owner, investors and occupants.  An owner has many responsibilities during the course of a construction project; the design must meet the owner’s needs for both function and aesthetic appeal, bids must be solicited, change orders need to be analyzed and approved, the budget must be managed, as well as general management of the numerous contractors.

Our experience has given us the unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry's leading material suppliers, manufacturers, equipment vendors and specialty subcontractors to provide our clients with an outstanding project.  Each project is approached with a cooperative mindset, working with clients, design teams, and subcontractors toward the common goal - successful project delivery. Our management team has a diverse construction portfolio to insure that each project is matched with the appropriate resources and expertise.  Through technical skill, preconstruction expertise, and self-performance capability, we anticipate project challenges, develop solutions that meet clients' objectives and ultimately deliver the projects.

Whether it is new construction or the renovation of existing facilities, we provide to all commercial projects.  From the initial planning stages to the final walk-through, we are prepared to present a quality project that will be a mark in the community for years to come.