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mission statement

DMR Construction Group LLC is a self-certified disabled-owned small Louisiana Limited Liability Corporation that was started, as many have, with a dream and a complete drive to provide very competitive services in a niche dog-eat-dog industry.  Our success comes with the pride and dedication of our staff and their willingness to see our CEO's vision and share their talents with the team.  It is the mission of DMR Construction Group LLC to innovate and lead our clients' projects utilizing the most advanced, and highest quality resources, with the utmost level of integrity, morality, and ethical codes of conduct.  We are very fortunate to be able to provide services to the United States Army Corp of Engineers, Department of Veterans Affairs and NAVFAC, three of our largest clients; it is our way of giving back to the men and women that sacrifice their lives every day so we can continue to live our lives in these United States.

We also believe strongly in the cultures that surround us; our mission clearly follows the beliefs that are lived daily in the French culture in the bayous of Cajun Country (aka Who Dat nation) and the Asian influence of the beautiful lands of the Pacific Islands:
     ♦ "Laissez les bon temps rouler" (lay-zay lay bon ton rule-ay ) | "Let the good times roll!" - the Cajun way of life.
     ♦ "Lagniappe" (lan-yap) | "Something extra" like the extra donut in a baker's dozen. An unexpected nice surprise.
     ♦ "Aloha 'aina" (a-lo-ha eye-een-a) | Love of the land; to nurture and care for the land.
     ♦ "‘A‘ole pilikia" (a-o-lay pee-lee-key-ah) | No problem - there's no worries on the islands.