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DMR Construction Group LLC provides comprehensive general construction services through various contractual vehicles.  The construction phase is the "meat and potatoes" of the project duration and this is where the concept and dream comes to life.  Using the "NO 'I' in team" approach, the construction of your facility will be safe, clean, accurate and efficient.  The schedule and budget will be reviewed and reported to the team at the Internal Progress Review meetings.  Furthermore, we will have meetings with the contractor's and vendor's project managers to ensure any risks are brought up and reduce the number of RFI's.  Each project will have an ftp-site giving the management team access to the project documents at anytime and anywhere.  This phase includes the following services:

  • coordinate/monitor a/e team
  • coordinate/monitor demolition/abatement
  • coordinate industrial hygienist for asbestos/lead abatement (where applicable)
  • coordinate/execute building commissioning plan/execution/inspections
  • coordinate/execute LEED certification plan (where applicable)
  • provide onsite 10 and 30 hr OSHA training
  • attend/host daily/weekly/monthly meetings with a/e team, contractors & vendors
  • coordinate/monitor subcontractors
  • coordinate/monitor/execute transition space (where applicable) 
  • monitor project progress daily/weekly/monthly
  • develop daily/monthly reports
  • coordinate/monitor material fabrication/delivery
  • coordinate/monitor quality control/quality assurance
  • monitor safety compliance
    • federal osha
    • em385-1-1
    • state osha
  • materials/msds compliance
  • schedule compliance
  • contract compliance
  • coordinate material testing
  • monitor/execute/update project schedule
  • develop/review/execute RFI's
  • develop/review/execute change orders
  • coordinate/review/execute payment requisitions
  • conduct davis/bacon wage interviews/verifications of certified payroll

Our select self-performance capabilities enhances our capacity to control cost, schedule and quality, and through this expertise, deliver a better product to clients; our understanding of these critical trades results in:

    ⇒ The advantage of knowing the real cost for the relevant work through databases of actual costs.
    ⇒ The ability to accurately schedule the relevant work.
    ⇒ The ability to monitor production and quality and to proactively suggest mid-course corrections.

We have established the most advantageous relationships with subcontractors and material suppliers. With our reputation for well-managed, safe, high quality projects completed on time and within budget, subcontractors and suppliers aggressively pursue our business; this preferential treatment translates to bottom line savings for our clients.  From the initial planning stages to the final walk-through, we are prepared to present you with a quality project that you will be proud of for years to come.